On the behalf of SESAME CARNIVAL and SESAME FLYERS INTERNATIONAL, we would like to thank everyone that made Labor Day 2022 so special and successful!  They think we couldnít do it but we did!  We canít name everyone, else this would be a never ending post.  Thank you to our Band leader and to the behind the scenes Coordinators, for working so hard to pulling this off in so little time.  To our Staffs and Members for all that you do giving us the support that we needed.  To our costume Designer and production team for your hard work and long nights to make sure costumes is done and ready for distribution.  To the Sponsors for your continued support.  To our Models for bringing the costumes to life so beautifully and promoting them on your platform.  To the Dance instructors and Dancers for working your butts off to represent our culture and showcase that itís not just about jumping up, but that this art and definitely a show!

To our Masqueraders and Supporters old and new, this wouldnít be a show without you. To the Securities and NYPD for keeping us safe and organized.  To our DJís that rocked the Parkway with such high energy and entertainment.  To our Vendors and Volunteers that showed up and did your part.  And last but not least to the NY Carnival Association.