Mas at Sesame began at the interception of the organization with the children and adults both being involved in the production and participation. Since no one in the organization was really versed in the actual mas making, we decided to do something simple with printed Tee Shirts and sailor caps with Silhouettes Steel Orchestra supplying the beautiful music and we looked fantastic. Although the production was a big hit with our members and supporters, the adults lost interest in playing mas the following year.

In 1991, while President of Sesame Flyers International Incorporated, Winston Munroe was approached by Derrick Noel at the Hawks' Christmas Dance to start an Adult Mas Band collaborative effort with his production company "Deck Production".

I approached my Executive Committee with the idea and they welcomed it, with one reservation (who will produce the mas?). Hyacinth Williams agreed to make a trip to Trinidad to scout out some of the mas producers including Wayne Berkley, Peter Minshall, and Steven Lee Young. We made the decision to work with Steven Lee Young, since he seemed to be the most accommodating. Steve produced 1,000 costumes for us in 1992 with the theme "Excerpts Of The New World". Needless to say we were a big hit on the parkway, the production changed the face of Mas in Brooklyn, New York.

We placed third in the competition that year and we have not looked back since.

Come out this year and celebrate the culture of the Caribbean with Sesame Flyers International. For more information you can contact us at 718.693.0500 or you can visit the Mas Camp at 3510 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.

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Step into a world of pure magic with Sesame Flyers' "Destinations: The Arrival" - our celebration of 40 years of community service and the Caribbean culture that we love. Destinations: The Arrival, completes a trilogy that began in 2019 with our Visions theme. We imagined a future filled with love, abundance, and serenity. Little did we know that energy would have to carry us through the unprecedented times of 2020 and 2021. We needed to keep the Spirit of Carnival alive, and we did just that with the Spirit of Carnival theme. It was a beacon of light in the darkness, reminding us of the joy of life. Finally, last year we reflected on the 39 years of our existence and recognized we were guided by something much greater than us as it reflected in our theme, Tao - The Journey. It was a path guided by nature, a path that would lead us to our ultimate Destination. We faced challenges along the way, but we persisted, as we knew that our journey was not yet complete. And now, we have Arrived. The culmination of our journey - the ultimate destination of infinite possibilities for the next 40 years and beyond. We invite you to join us for the celebration of a lifetime. Let us dance, let us laugh, and let us revel in the joy of being alive. This is the ultimate party, and you are invited to be a part of it.


Our accomplishments and accolades are many, including thirteen times LARGE BAND OF THE YEAR title in Brooklyn, New York (LABOR DAY CARNIVAL). But the competition is not what it is all about. "Our main focus is YOU," whereby you are outfitted with good costumes and have a great experience on the road. Great costuming and our masqueraders experience are the elements that made our band and success possible. "WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO MANY CARNIVALS TO COME."

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